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BitQuick buy sell bitcoin review






  • Easy to use
  • You can pay with credit card
  • You can pay with Moneygram
  • You can pay with Western Union
  • More options to buy


  • KYC in buy step

What is BitQuick?

BitQuick may be a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange that permits traders to shop for coins from one another. In different words, BitQuick is love a LocalBitcoins instead of the likes of a Bitstamp or a Kraken.

BitQuick is run and operated by Pallas Athene Bitcoin opposition, that is predicated within the America and has offices in Chicago, Saint prizefighter and city. It accustomed be known as however set to rebrand in 2013. This was done as they thought the new name was additional aligned with their core business.

Athena Bitcoin opposition. may be a Bitcoin ATM operator and that they bought from the team behind it at the time, Jad Mubaslat and Chad Davis. This was done simply when BitQuick suffered a information breach in 2016 (more on this below).

Given that this can be a P2P exchange, the exchange is completed directly from the vendor to the customer. the vendor can list the coins that they might prefer to sell and so the customer can communicate directly with the vendor. Once an acquisition has been in agreement, the parties can conduct the exchange and therefore the written agreement services of BitQuick are used.

BitQuick Supported Countries

BitQuick may be a suburbanized exchange which suggests that they are doing not have to be compelled to face most of the restrictive hurdles that centralised exchanges might have to be compelled to encounter. they’re out there to traders in forty nine states within the us.

The only state that’s excluded from this list is the big apple State. this can be thanks to the implementation of the Bitlicence legislation within the state and therefore the value related to getting a licence.

Although the overwhelming majority of their volume is in AmericaD for sellers within the US, they are doing have international support for traders in different countries. per their web site, they provide support for the subsequent countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Russia
  • Australia

However, this seems to merely be in writing as there have been no offers to sell Bitcoin from any traders outside of the USA. maybe traders in Europe and different jurisdictions square measure more well-off with their native alternatives.


BitQuick Conclusions

As we’ve shown during this review, BitQuick is so one in all the best and most secure ways that for you to shop for Bitcoin with money. whereas you’ll be able to continually use a service like LocalBitcoins, this needs you to satisfy a intruder head to head that is much additional risky.

Moreover, only if it’s a P2P platform, you are doing not have to be compelled to store your funds with the exchange and face risks from exchange hacks or different villainous activity. it’s conjointly less error prone as all you would like to receive your coins during a Bitcoin address.

It is conjointly a good approach for a marketer to advertise their coins while not paying a fee and receiving the funds right into their checking account.

While the fees square measure on the upper finish, it looks like one is also paying slightly additional for the security and security that’s provided by the exchange.

Yes, the KYC documents will create one uncomfortable however as we’ve established, these don’t seem to be extremely beneath the management of BitQuick and square measure needed by law.

However, if you’re trying to find a extremely fast, straightforward and secure thanks to exchange your cold money for coins, BitQuick may well be the proper answer for you.

BitQuick Address

The company of BitQuick website is Athena Bitcoin, Inc. located in Chicago, Saint Louis, Dallas, Miami, Bogotá, Buenos Aires

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