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Miny CC Cloud Mining review

Miny CC





  • Easy to use
  • Profit 10% per month
  • DeFi Token
  • Multilanguage site
  • Phone APP avaiable

SCAM website unreachable

What is Miny Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining?

Miny.CC is a cloud mining service  by Thomas Norberg launched in june 2020 made in Hong Kong and based on defi token MNY. This token was created to optimize actual earn mining profit and reduce mining fee. In the future, as soon as a good capitalization is reached, it will also be listed in the major crypto exchanges of the world.

How Miny CC work

I’m here to assist guide you though the Miny CC process by answering a number of the questions I had, so i do know you are doing too.

MINY and therefore the app provide power to satisfy the mining needs of everyone. Participating within the mining pools of this cryptocurrency mining platform offers returns from 10% to 19% monthly counting on the balance in your mining pool. All this is often a part of the multi-currency Miny Wallet, in where you’ll earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Miny Tokens directly.
First off, what do I put as “sponsor” on Miny CC?

I suggest using one referral code or link like u1880jkghosm this sets your account to earn the very best offered returns. All this suggests is that the location may be a private one where you want to be invited by another user. After registering on the site, we recommend reading the project white paper. Really interesting and long-term.

Now that you simply have a sponsor you’ll begin earning…

How To start earning with cloud mining plans

To start earning with mining in Miny CC min. required is 50$ in BTC, LTC or ETH. The site will ask you to complete the steps that will lead to unlocking more privileges and earnings.

Getting a payout is sort of simple:

  1. click on register link and open MNY wallet
  2. Go the Dashboard Page.
  3. Click the “Send” button on the wallet you would like to use.
  4. Choose the currency during which you would like to send.
  5. Enter amount you would like to send.
  6. Enter destination address.
  7. Click on the “Send” button.
  8. If Using Two-Factor-Authentication, enter the code.
  9. Confirm via email.
  10. Get Started.

Head on over to the web site, sign up, and make a deposit! You’ll be earning income in minutes!

Miny.CC Mining Plans

To invest in Miny is very simple and is possible only in crypto with a USD corresponding value: Profits are every days from 10% to 19% per month. You can release investment at any time.

Let’s see the compensation plan:


  • Invest $50 to $750 and receive a 10% monthly ROI
  • Invest $750 to $15,000 and receive a 15% monthly ROI
  • Invest $15,000 or more and receive a 19% monthly ROI


  • Invest 0.005 to 0.08 BTC and receive a 10% monthly ROI
  • Invest 0.08 to 1.65 BTC and receive a 15% monthly ROI
  • Invest 1.65 BTC or more and receive a 19% monthly ROI


  • Invest 0.25 to 4 ETH and receive a 10% monthly ROI
  • Invest 4 to 80 ETH and receive a 15% monthly ROI
  • Invest 80 ETH or more and receive a 19% monthly ROI


  • Invest 0.75 to 11 LTC and receive a 10% monthly ROI
  • Invest 11 to 225 LTC and receive a 15% monthly ROI
  • Invest 225 LTC or more and receive a 19% monthly ROI

It’s possible to earn from referral commission up to 20 unilevel steps.

  • Unilevel 1 is 100% or mining referral
  • Unilevel 2 is 10% of mining referral
  • Unilevel 3 is 5% of mining referral
  • From 4 to 20 unilevel steps is 1% of mining referral.

Registration of members and MNY wallet is totally free. To enter in mining star is: 50$ or 0.005BTC or 0.25ETH or 0.75 LTC.

Is Miny cloud mining legit or scam? Do they pay?

Yes! I even have not been ready to find anyone who has not been paid whenever they requested it!

Bloomberg Business, Yahoo finance, Forbes, CCN and many more talked about this project.

Alexa data:

  • 8276+ unique visits per day at moment
  • website value 190000$
  • privacy protected with cloudflare

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