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Watermine cloud mining review

Watermine cloud mining review






  • Easy to use
  • paying from august 2020
  • Good ROI


  • SCAM
  • pending transactions


Watermine cloud mining is a very solid cloud mining stary from august 2020. You can mine bitcoin and earn every day,

Watermine informations

Watermine cloud mining is simple and you can earn bitcoin every day with four plans in 3 months2:

  • plan 1: ROI 2% daily min investment 10$
  • plan 2: ROI 2,2% daily min investment 100$
  • plan 3: ROI 2,4% daily min investment 1000$
  • plan 4: ROI 2,6% daily min investment 2500$


Testimonials Watermine cloud mining

Here recent testimonials about watermine cloud mining  about few days ago:

  • Excellent investment platform where everyone wins even if they don’t want to build a team. There is something for everyone. I have enjoyed my daily withdrawals from each deposit made. Those that have never made money before are making money in the first 24 hours. I highly recommend this investment platform.
  • First my payment wouldn’t show up but after 15 minutes of waiting it showed up on my account so that’s why I was very skeptical at first. Willing to try my first withdraw tomorrow and I’m going to see if it’s legit
  • The customer service is effective, efficient, and revelant. I cant say enough about how well this investment company is run. They should be the gold standard in which other investments firms look to.
  • Watermine is changing lives! You can invest at your level of comfort. You are able to get your investment back plus extra in 3 months. I am sharing this with friends and family! Take time to look at this great opportunity!!!!!

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