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quantum computer

Bitcoin mining from Google Quantum Computer is true?

Crypto mining is already making ready for Google’s “quantum supremacy”?

Google’s quantum pc might not nonetheless threaten Bitcoin’s cryptography, however quantum-resistant blockchains have gotten prepared simply just in case.

Earlier in the week, Google achieved “quantum supremacy” (supposedly). And therefore the crypto
world went predictably.

Cryptography specialists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have endlessly debated the implications of Google’s quantum pc for Bitcoin
and alternative digital currencies ever since. (Google’s machine will, after all, perform computations in seconds that will otherwise take ancient machines thousands of years, per the since-deleted independent agency document.)

And David Chaum, called the “godfather of crypto” for inventing the anonymous payment system e-cash within the Eighties, isn’t one to take a seat this one out.
The godfather weighs in

Yesterday, Chaum place out a press release on Google’s innovation, all over again reiterating his position that the crypto world got to begin acting on developing quantum-resistant technologies without delay.

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