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IQ Mining cloud mining review

IQ Mining





  • Easy to use
  • USDT PLAN is the best ever
  • Always new mining machines
  • Profit extimated of 225%
  • Lifetime mining


  • Electricity fees sometimes high
  • Difficult to choose the right plan

IQ Mining may be a bitcoin mining website that guarantees to pay a profit up to 225% in 1 year of mining with new repayment feature. verify however it works nowadays in our review.

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What Is IQ Mining?

IQ Mining, found on-line at, is yet one more cloud company. the corporate can take your cash, place that cash towards cloud mining, then pay you huge ROIs.

The calculator on the official IQ Mining web site claims users will expect to earn a median yearly payout around $1225 in exchange for associate investment of simply $500. And, the additional you invest, the extra money you’ll be able to earn. If you invest $2500, for instance, then you’ll be able to earn around $6300 x year.

In alternative words, IQ Mining guarantees to interrupt even on your investment each five days.

Obviously, there area unit lots of bitcoin mining scams out there. several of those firms build massive guarantees regarding profits, however ne’er back it up. Is IQ Mining a scam or a legitimate opportunity? Let’s take a better inspect however it works.


How will IQ Mining Work?

IQ Mining describes its mining system as “smart mining” or “bitcoin mining second generation”. They claim that their mining system ends up in lower prices “thanks to good contracts with information centers and high mining potency, thanks to automatic altcoins mining switch.” As way as I will tell, this sentence is complete gibberish: IQ Mining is simply throwing a bunch of school buzzwords at you.

In any case, here’s the method IQ Mining uses to deliver 100% profits to investors each 5 months, guaranteed:

  • rents power from information centers
  • uses that power to mine the foremost profitable altcoins
  • trades the altcoins for bitcoin
  • Then, they transfer the profit into your case

All you would like to try to to is sit back and relax. the corporate can mine on your behalf. You provide them cash, and that they as if by magic flip it into extra money.

What’s even additional wonderful is that IQ Mining claims to possess no maintenance fees. They additionally claim that investors don’t have any risk. You’re warranted profit all day, every day.

Obviously, once somebody is telling you regarding associate investment chance that pays ROIs of 100% each five days with no risk, then that’s an explicit sign you’re being scammed. this can be one amongst several red flags telling North American nation that IQ Mining may be a scam.

The latest USDT plan is much more solid and keeps fees constant without capital losses.

IQ Mining Conclusion

IQ Mining may be a blatant bitcoin investment scam. the corporate guarantees to pay you warranted returns of 100% each 5 months. They claim there’s no risk concerned within the method, which anyone will build heaps of cash with no skills or expertise needed. All you would like to try to to is provide IQ Mining between 0,1 – 10 BTC, and they’ll as if by magic flip it into additional BTC.

As way as we are able to tell, IQ Mining has no mining system in situ. the corporate has no proof that it’s ever paid investors. If you provide cash to IQ Mining, it appears unlikely that you’ll ever compass back.



Info on the IQ Mining “About Us” page is that the corporate claims to possess partnered with information centers in North American nation, Russia, Iceland, Georgia, Algeria, and China.

IQ mining Corp, IQ mining Corp. (Seychelles IBC No. 199574), Suite 10 Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. +44 1224 459763

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  1. this review of iqmining is total BS geared towards affiliate income – in reality it is well masked scam. NOT PAYING and the reason why they stopped was BTC price was to low well now it is high still not paying on about 3K worth of power. Exchange – do not use it – scam. Follow the trader will loose you money. Trying to buy contract for difference will lose you money 100% because it closes the position automatically in less then a second. Pledge one cent from your 10000$ contract you will not be able to withdraw or reinvest from any contract/ So yeah FU iqmining

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