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NuVoo Cloud Mining Review

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NuVoo Mining is a CLOUD MINING mining organization that guarantees to make it simple to advance into bitcoin and Zcash digging out of the blue. Here’s our survey.

What is NuVoo Mining?

NuVoo Mining, found online at, is a digital currency mining organization with plans extending from $134 to $32,000.

The organization as of now offers bitcoin and Dash mining. All mineworkers are kept running from the area of Quebec, Canada. Financial specialists can get to webcams every minute of every day to see their diggers in activity. Since most power in Quebec originates from hydroelectric dams, NuVoo Mining underlines bring down expenses and greener vitality than its rivals. It’s additionally chilly for a huge piece of the year, so this mining company can offer lessened cooling costs.

All mining is done over the cloud. You pay the organization cash today in return for a specific hashrate, at that point procure whatever benefits are created by your apparatus.

NuVoo Mining Features

NuVoo Mining promotes the majority of the accompanying highlights:

  • Lower Cost of Cooling: Miners situated in cooler parts of the world have a gigantic favorable position. They can get to diminished cooling costs. NuVoo Mining’s server farm is situated in a tundra atmosphere zone where cooling isn’t an issue for 10 months of the year.
  • Remote Management: You don’t need to stress over overseeing or keeping up your very own mining rig. You can let another person stress over it.
  • Environmentally friendly power Energy: Most of the region of Quebec keeps running on hydroelectric vitality. NuVoo Mining underlines the way that it utilizes 100% vitality from sustainable sources.
  • Low Electricity Rates: NuVoo Mining’s utilization of sustainable, hydroelectricity likewise prompts bring down electrical rates. Power rates in Quebec commonly run from 5 to 8 pennies for each kWh.
  • Web Panel Dashboard: Customers can get to all data about their mining rigs from the helpful online dashboard.
  • day in and day out Webcam Access: Some mining organizations give you no data about your diggers, where they’re found, or how they’re running. This mining company adopts an alternate strategy, offering speculators day in and day out webcam observing of their apparatuses.
  • Physical Security: NuVoo Mining’s office has every minute of every day security with card passage, biometrics scanners, video observing, and other security frameworks.
  • Excess Power Sources: NuVoo Mining doesn’t specify a particular downtime rates. In any case, they guarantee to have excess power sources and a uninterruptable power supply (UPS) reinforcement – so downtime may not be an issue at all.

NuVoo Mining Informations Pricing

NuVoo Mining offers bitcoin and Dash mining bundles.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Plans

  • Starter ($134): 527.08 GH/s
  • Bronze ($400): 1581.25 GH/s
  • Silver ($800): 3162.51 GH/s
  • Gold ($1600): 6325.02 GH/s
  • Platinum ($4800): 18,975.09 GH/s
  • Emerald ($9600): 37,950.18 GH/s
  • Precious stone ($16,000): 63,250.37 GH/s
  • Regal ($32,000): 126,500.75 GH/s

Dash Cloud Mining Plans

  • Starter ($150): 583.33 MH/s
  • Bronze ($450): 1750 MH/s
  • Silver ($900): 3500 MH/s
  • Gold ($1800): 7000 MH/s
  • Platinum ($5400): 21,000 MH/s
  • Emerald ($10,800): 42,000 MH/s
  • Precious stone ($18,000): 70,000 MH/s
  • Regal ($36,000): 140,000 MH/s

This mining company ensures 99.9% uptime. There are no vitality charges or support expenses connected to the costs above. All agreements are open finished. Payouts are created every day, in spite of the fact that withdrawal limits are set at 0.0015 BTC.  This mining company likewise has a benefit adding machine on their site to give you a thought of how much cash you’ll make with each mining arrangement.

About NuVoo Mining is formally enrolled in Cyprus under the name Nuvoo TM or “G.O. Extraordinary Offers Direct Ltd.” The name “Canadian Mining Farm Agent”, a Quebec City-based organization, is likewise specified on the authority of site. is by all accounts open and straightforward about its contact data, and gives telephone numbers and email delivers to get in contact with the group.


Conclusion is a cloud mining organization situated in Quebec, Canada. The organization underscores shoddy electrical rates and low cooling expenses (not exclusively is Quebec chilly for a great part of the year, yet it likewise has simple access to shabby, inexhaustible power).

At the present time, this Mining Company just seems to offer cloud mining. Nonetheless, the organization has pages held for mining equipment, devoted mining, and colocation mining, so it’s conceivable that they’re presenting more administrations later on.

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