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Passive Income Farm virtual cloud mining review






  • Anonymous service
  • Clone of Virtual Mining Farm
  • SCAM


Passive Income Farm is a clone of virtual cloud mining and crypto mining farm. This cloud mining is based in Thailand and uses a storage-based mining service. Storage services are important for mobile and pc applications in the world. the mission is: to reduce cloud storage prices by about 10-90% surcharge. Also it provides for all users a personal free cloud information storage service with size 1TB (1 Terabyte) service for the Dotcloud Application that creates it the world’s largest free cloud storage capability supplier.

Passive Income Farm informations

The world of today and the future has a great need to use cloud web space, and this company is one of the world’s largest providers of CloudStorage® that has huge hard drive space to serve the many web customers. Much of this web space has been allocated to be used with POC (Proof of capacity) mining such as BitcoinHD, Filecoin, LitecoinHD DISK coin Burst MASS Storj. Passive income farm offers the best investment in this business by using investors’ bitcoin to buy hardware and hard drives to MINING cryptocurrencies.

  • This virtual cloud mining farm have only one plan of 365 days.
  • It’s clear and income is aound 30% per month. Sounds good.
  • This service was starded in november 2020 and actually is paying.

How to registerin PassiveIncomeFarm

To register on Passive Income Farm is very simple:

  • Click on register link and insert your name, email, username and password.
  • Confirm subscription email and log in.
  • Deposit Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash
  • and you can withdraw income every day but only in USDT (ERC20) stable coin. This will increase stability of payments and maybe long life on cloud mining farm.


I think that PassiveIncomeFarm is definitely a scam or maybe not? It seems more interesting than the latest ones released in this period (virtual mining farm, crypto cloud mining farm, etc.) and much more similar to the famous cryptomining farm of the past that has given us joys, gains and happiness for over 3 years.


  1. Definitely SCAM,huge scam, that must stopp but I do not know how.

  2. I again said ,that is huge scam and be aware of that scam pasive income farm!! That is pure scam !!!!!
    I am personally garanty and I have prove!!
    Be aware of that scamers!!!

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