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Wirex wallet review

Wirex wallet





  • Cryptocurrency Cashback Rewards
  • Easy to use
  • Physical Visa debit card
  • Multiple Wallets
  • Fiat wallets


  • ATM Charges
  • Monthly fee physical Visa debit card
  • Password lost issues
  • No U.S.A. avaiable

Wirex app may be a crypto-friendly currency account. It permits you to store, transfer, and exchange between cryptocurrencies (e.g., bitcoin & ripple) and order currencies (i.e., GBP, EUR, & USD).

With Wirex’s GBP Visa charge account credit, you’ll additionally search in-store and on-line.

Is it the simplest bitcoin charge account credit within the United Kingdom and EU? check up on this Wirex review to search out out a lot of.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • fast verification (< 5mins).
  • 4* Trustpilot rating (700+ reviews)
  • Hold a United Kingdom FCA e-money licence.
  • solely 2 alternative crypto and order payment platforms hold this.
  • 24/7 client support.
  • purchase and sell bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), ripple (XRP), waves (WAVES), and wollo (WLO) at competitive rates.
  • Cashback (0.5% in satoshis) after you use your Wirex card (in-store only).
  • Contactless Visa Debit cards (issued and delivered for FREE).
  • Browser-based and mobile apps (iOS & Android).
  • Perfect interface.


  • £1/month account maintenance fee.
  • can purchase and sell bitcoin (BTC) cheaper elsewhere.
  • Wirex cards aren’t accepted everyplace.


About Wirex wallet

Wirex was established in late-2014 by Dmitry Lazarichev and Pavel Matveev. They’re based mostly within the United Kingdom however have offices round the world. They were antecedently referred to as ‘E-Coin’ however rebranded in 2016.

Wirex has over one.5 million users across over a hundred thirty countries.

To add up their mission statement, Wirex is going to.

  • Expand the supply of banking services.
  • Get a lot of individuals concerned within the in progress money revolution.
  • take away the geographic limitations of finance.


Main options

Crypto options

  • Wirex’s bitcoin (BTC) case interface.
  • Store bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), ripple (XRP), waves (WAVES), and wollo (WLC) in their net wallets.
  • Send and receive from/to these cryptocurrency net wallets.
  • purchase and sell supported cryptocurrencies with GBP (at competitive rates).

Card options

  • Wirex’s account dashboard.
  • Wirex’s GBP card may be a Visa Debit (EUR/USD cards square measure prepaid).
  • Contactless support.
  • selected account range and kind code.
  • pay where Visa Debit cards square measure usually supported.
  • Some merchants would possibly decline it.
  • Earn 0.5% cashback (in bitcoin!) after you pay (in-store) along with your Wirex card.


Supported Countries

Wirex totally supports thirty one countries, which incorporates the united kingdom and Europe.

In the close to future, Wirex cards are going to be on the market within the U.S.A. too.

There’s partial support (i.e., while not card features) in dozens of alternative countries. you’ll check what options square measure on the market in your country here.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

You can purchase, sell, and transfer the subsequent cryptocurrencies on Wirex:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Waves (WAVES)
  • Wollo (WLO)

Payment strategies

You can fund your account with:

  • Credit/debit cards (3D Secure)
  • Bank transfer

If you’re employing a credit or charge account credit, you’ll indefinite quantity your account with £5000/€5000/$5000 per day. I wouldn’t suggest employing a mastercard, as it’ll most likely be thought of a sum (not good). It’ll be easier to only use a charge account credit.

This limit doesn’t apply to United Kingdom bank transfers. However, the utmost account balance is £15000/€16000/$20000. The transfer would possibly get bounced if you are trying to deposit over that.

Deposits with a debit or mastercard square measure instant, however my bank transfers weren’t attributable for regarding Associate in Nursing hour (even tho’ they support quicker Payments). Unless you’re trying to deposit over £5000, it’s faster and easier to only use your charge account credit.

As of September 2018, all EUR accounts are active with IBAN. This suggests that users will currently fund their EUR accounts with a basic bank transfer.


Wirex Card Fees

Setting up a Wirex account is FREE.

You can additionally get a physical card issued and delivered without charge.

Unfortunately, there’s a £1/€1.20/$1.50 per month account management fee. It’s not a big quantity, however it’s still Associate in Nursing annoying money thought. no matter your account activity, you’ll pay this account management fee.

These square measure the opposite fees/limits I picked out…

Fee or Limit Charge

ATM charge (in Europe) £1.75/€2.25/$2.50

ATM charge (outside Europe) £2.25/€2.75/$3.50

ATM withdrawals £250/€250/$250 per day

Cashback (in-store) £50 per day

Credit/Debit card top-up £5000/€5000/$5000 per day

Maximum card balance £15000/€16000/$20000

I wouldn’t create a habit of retreating money with the Wirex card, because the ATM charge can add up.

If I required the raw money, I’d simply transfer the funds to my main checking account, so withdraw via that (without paying any fees).


Buy/Sell Bitcoin With Wirex wallet

The BTC to EURO/GPB/USD exchange is amazing.

Although it varies, Wirex’s BTC rate of exchange is sometimes regarding 1,5% on top of the important BTC to GBP/EURO/USD rate of exchange. It’s attainable to urge equivalent or higher rates elsewhere, however it’s still pretty damn smart.

It’s attainable to shop for and send supported cryptocurrencies on Wirex while not ordering a Wirex card. If that’s all you wish to try to to, check up on this post.



Wirex’s browser and mobile app interface square measure glorious.

It’s clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use.

Nothing a lot of to mention this. It’s awing.

Summary: Best Bitcoin Debit Card?

When I 1st detected regarding Wirex, I wasn’t expecting a lot of.

But now i think that is the best amazing service.

Without a doubt, it’s the simplest bitcoin charge account credit immediately.

Why use Wirex wallet?

  • you’ll purchase and sell bitcoin (BTC) and alternative supported cryptocurrencies at competitive rates.
  • costs square measure sometimes regarding one – one.5% on top of the density (which is admittedly good).
  • It’s convenient and beginner-friendly.
  • Wirex Visa Debit cards square measure accepted most places I tested.
  • 5% cashback on your purchases is competitive.
  • Want to start use Wirex? Signup in but five real minutes.



Name & Registered Office:
Wirex Limited
25 Old Broad Street
United Kingdom
Company No. 09334596

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